All I see.Send Your Unfriended

I have 300+ people on my friend lists in various digital realms (mostly Facebook).
Sometimes it feels like time to pare that list down. Person I met at a party one time? Unfriended. Shameless self-promoter? Unfriended. Farmville Aficionado? Un. Friended.

I knew that other people were doing this too, and thought it was time for a collective airing out of our social networking closets. That’s the basic idea behind the ‘Send Your Unfriended’ project…

Want to participate? Here’s how:

1. Choose someone on your friend list you want to remove, for whatever reason
2. Save their latest profile pic to your desktop
3. Unfriend them
4. Email me their photo & a sentence about why you chose to remove them

If you’re feeling crafty, make your own! All I ask is that it includes a profile picture and some text.

I’ll post them here (completely anonymous, natch) and we’ll see what happens.

Been Friend-Dumped? Friend-Dumped somebody else? Write it down and send it to me, maybe we can do a story about it together.

Further Reading: Jason Graham’s 100-day Facebook Cull


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